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Consider your Sorcerous Origin when making your build. Join the Scoundrel Game Labs Mailing List! I’m not your Patron. Unarmored Defense is great for Clerics and Druids with high dexterity, and those characters should really consider a Monk level. Maybe a Cleric wants to dedicate everything to battling for their god, and thus multiclasses with, Thankfully, your proficiency bonus is level-based. Personally, we find that 3 levels in rogue is best, if you’re looking to multiclass. Paladins give a small boost to caster level, so you’re not losing much there. Note that, unlike the Barbarian, Monks can’t wield shields and benefit from their Unarmored Defense. Bard has a different enough spell list that a Sorcerer can go full damage and still have options to pick up party members. Other than some extra attacks and the Martial Archetype, the only major thing Fighters get is a better Ability Score Improvement track. d12s are a rather gigantic source of defense, and you get some utility in Danger Sense, Fast Movement, Feral Instinct, and Brutal Critical. Consider a 1 level dip if you’re a Wisdom caster with high Dexterity. In 5E, you can spend spell slots as any class for any classes’ spell list. Action Surge is a game change for every class… Except Fighter. The Barbarian may be the most well-designed class in D&D 5e, and it has solid subclasses on top of that. You gain access to all of the good combat proficiencies – other than Heavy Armor – at level 1. Not a bad option. The best paths to choose are paths of the Totem Warrior, Zealot, Beast, and … When it comes to utility, Bards know no bounds. You value your spells too much to go into Wild Shape, and Clerics handle the spell list a tiny bit better. Just make sure you don’t invest so much you lose 9th level spell slots! For every single non-caster class in the game, Rage is essentially 2 minutes per day where you are a god of war. And also consider your Druidic Circle. You shouldn’t be in the frontlines with so many d6s, either. See Monk. You can make it work sometimes, but… It’s not an easy combo. Paladins are already solid supports, so adding in Bardic Inspiration and some extra utility spells definitely doesn’t hurt. And unlike Clerics, Druids also hate heavy armor! After making it through the Red Sea unharmed, Moses and the Israelites celebrate God’s great victory over Egypt with a song of praise (Ex. : It’s hard to sing when you’re really mad. Pact Magic is a really, really awkward inclusion to the system. Any class would want the opportunity to make more 1-5 level spells. The build paths for the sorcerers – Sorcerous Origins – are good. No real synergy. Action Surge and Fighting styles are just too good to leave on the table. And it doesn’t take much investment to do so. Name. You nullify any other case where you may get an extra swing – yes, that includes the Warlock’s Thirsting Blade. If your DM is cool with it, so are Wizards of the Coast. Complete Warrior: Destructive Rage: You can shatter barriers and objects when enraged. Your character level increases normally, but you must keep track of your two classes separately – For example, a level 5 Monk / level 5 Ranger is a level 10 character. Rage is great for monks since they’re not the tankiest class in the world. A Divine Soul, with natural magnetism, is seen as a threat by some religious hierarchies. Have you ever heard of the Trickery Domain? hide. The Ranger is one of those classes that has a lot of trouble working to their fullest extent. 10 best Dungeons & Dragons 5E subclasses you should play in your next campaign Follow the Path of the Totem Warrior, become an Arcane Trickster and make a pact with The Fiend. As time goes on, you can use your Ki to stun, reroll saving throws, or become invisible. Or maybe a Warlock finds that they have more power in their blood than in their pact, and multiclasses with Sorcerer. : Top notch choice! Consider the Forge domain; two strong spells, Heavy Armor proficiency, smith’s tools, and easy magical weapons. A Hexblade might like access to Rage every now and then, but breaking concentration and losing spellcasting kinda stinks in most cases. Rage is good… But that’s about it. This should not dissuade you from making the most ham, angry, buff monk you can… But it does make them a little easier to hit than would be expected otherwise. Out of all the classes in the game, Cleric might have some of the best reasons to get a level in. Divine Warrior[edit] Divine warriors are usually clerics or mystics who want to have a stronger connection to their deity or alignment and most often use weapons rather than spells in combat. Divine Smite is pretty worthwhile, and you get a quick way to get into Medium Armor. The extra health given to you by Wild Shape is worthwhile, and the spells are decent. What is your secret? That means that a Cleric 1/Wizard 19 can use a 9th level spell slot to cast Cure Wounds. Magic Initiate lets you pick two extra cantrips. 1 Gifted Warrior 1.1 Creating a Gifted Warrior 1.2 Class Features 1.2.1 Table: The 1.2.2 Hemomantic Origin 1.2.3 Spellcasting 1.2.4 Ability Score Increase 1.2.5 Writ of Completion 1.3 Divine … Magic Initiate lets you pick two extra cantrips. The Colleges of Glamour and Whispers can be good for an intrigue character, giving them some magical options to use Inspiration on. The Dragon bloodline makes you rather tanky, and can save you against dragons. If you’re a martial character, you should consider Monk if you have high dexterity, don’t have great ways to use Bonus Actions, and don’t mind dedicating 6 to 11 levels into it. Warrior of the Gods. There’s some level of truth to this, but that doesn’t make them useless. Hunter’s Mark is a good spell, and you can get an extra fighting style. That’s somewhat mediocre, but not horrific. Spells are, as usual, really good. Or Forge Clerics can multiclass with Warlocks to turn a rather squishy caster into a really tough tank, with the ranged options of Eldritch Blast. Complete Warrior Divine Vigor You can channel energy to increase your speed and Constitution. Rage and frontliners go together really well. Level 3 is when you get your Archetype, and these are actually not bad. They are actually the only class that needs high intelligence. Not great, but usually okay. Not awful. Your Warlock 10/Wizard 10 actually only has the pact magic to cast spells like a 10th level Warlock, and only has the spell slots to cast spells like a 10th level Wizard. You need to separate your spellcasting classes based on your spells prepared. The Tempest Domain can multiclass with a Storm Sorcerer to make really good use of its electric-based abilities. – but 5E introduces a few unique rules to make things easier. Bard Colleges are actually really good arguments for a Bard multiclass for a good amount of the classes. A lot of the best Cleric domains also like Heavy Armor… Another thing that Barbarians aren’t huge fans of. Nice. In most cases, Clerics do what Druids want to do but better; Wild Shape takes too much dedication, and Circles are level 3. Or Forge Clerics can multiclass with Warlocks to turn a rather squishy caster into a really tough tank, with the ranged options of Eldritch Blast. However, it also costs a spell slot to use, and you only have so many of those. Get the 2 monsters from Divine Contention for use on D&D Beyond. A Barbarian can use two Reckless Attacks. Oaths are good, since they give you more spells and combat utility, and Divine Health can prevent massively debilitating debuffs from affecting you. After that point, the Barbarian just keeps becoming tankier and hurt-ier, rather than offering potent utility options. It’s worth your while. Wizards have great support spells already. Happy multiclassing! Sneak attack adds damage without you needing to spend any resources. At level 2, you get Cunning Action, which lets you use your bonus action to do movement. The more levels you put into druids, the better your Wild Shape and Druid Circle get, as well as access to better spells. At worst, you regain one 1st-level spell slot. The Eldritch Blast line turns a basic cantrip into a machine gun or a sniper rifle. As usual for any edition of D&D, spellcasting is the most complex part of multiclassing. Second Wind is a somewhat minor bonus, but it gives you access to healing without spending spell slots. That said, if you aren’t a Two-Weapon Fighter, you can use Monk Weapons and then your bonus action to get some extra jabs in. Wonderful combo! Get Swashbuckler and watch as your fighter whirls around the battlefield, dealing 2d6 damage on their first stab. Pact Magic gets wild with these rules. So is self-healing, better armor and weapon options, and Fighting Styles for Hexblades. Components. They are a resource-based character, focused on controlling the battlefield, dealing damage, and protecting their party. The only case where Extra Attack stacks is with the Fighter’s Extra Attacks at levels 11 and 17. And Warlocks love metamagic. Spellcasting and rage doesn’t mix. This rule has been in. Unlike extra poison damage, however, Psionic Strike asks for no saving throw and, in its flavor text, it is described as "propel[ing] your weapons with psionic force" \$\endgroup\$ – Odo Dec 8 at 3:07 As usual – and say it with me now – Spellcaster levels are good. You don’t need to continue leveling up one class over the other, nor do you need to stay to only 2 classes – Theoretically, you could multiclass into every single class! That gives you 2 evocations, some reusable 1st or 2nd level spell slots, and some usage out of your pact. You also gain a Fighting Style, which is a really powerful bonus for any character; Even Warlocks and Clerics who prefer ranged spell combat can benefit from the “Defense” style. Remember Sorcerer/Fighter? At level 3, you get Medium armor proficiency, can cast with a weapon in your hand for free, get a Fighting Style, and can use your Inspiration for utility. They each came from a different Region (before regions were a thing) and are now worshiped there. A stellar option for any Fighter. While you can come up with a near-infinite amount of stories for multiclassing, the actual mechanical benefits are pretty well-defined. Extra Attack also suffers a bit from this ability. If you want really good spells to spend your multiclass spell slots with, feel free to continue putting levels into Wizard, but be warned; you won’t get much more than good magic. And you’ll get a good ranged option with your cantrips. Not amazing, not awful. This list contains all the ways to add extra damage dice to an attack that do not come from spells or expending spell slots. You’re going to want more than just Divine Sense and Lay on Hands; Cleric would be better, since spells offer just as much utility and healing. Consider Way of the Open Hand or Drunken Fist for the fantastic bonuses to Flurry of Blows at level 3. A Fighter with utility? If you have high Charisma because you’re a Paladin, a Sorcerer will be more effective than a Wizard. Arcane Trickster gives you some caster level, Scout gives massive amounts of movement, and Mastermind is good for support. Monks and Rangers have been tangled together as the worst class in 5E. 1. Why is the wizard anywhere near the dangerous part of the fight? Unfortunately, other than domains, the only reason to put levels into Cleric is for casting. The Complete Warlock 5E Guide | Warlock 5E Handbook, Ranking the Warlock Patrons in D&D 5E | Warlock Patrons 5E Guide, As the name implies, Gift of Alacrity gives a group member an initiative bonus. That’s not to say it’s a useless multiclass option. Meh. The tankiness of Rage doesn’t actually combo very well with the Bard’s spells. A Ranger who specializes in Melee weapons might want to take Cleric for ranged cantrips, and some healing, for example. Not the worst thing for a high Dex and Wis fighter… But, not the best. (Redirected from Angelic warrior (5e Class)) Jump to: navigation , search Design Note: Caster Definitions In traditional D&D 5th edition all spellcasting classes gain their magic from either divine or arcane sources and as such for the sake of simplicity and unambiguous … Worth your while. Afterwards, Martial Archetypes are really good. It works well for you. As you put more levels in, the Barbarian class can still benefit you, though maybe not as much as the first level. Fighters don’t give you Caster Level, unfortunately, but that’s a small price to pay for the non-casting utility of Action Surge and Fighting Style. Using Font of Magic to get spells back for your Divine Smite is far from a bad use of the ability. 22. An impressive multiclass option, but I would suggest keeping it between 1 to 5 levels of investment, maybe 6 if you want that Path feature and extra rage. Distant Spell, Empowered Spell, and Extended Spell are also good candidates. A multiclass with Wizard is a lot for your poor Stat slots. gives better proficiencies and a rather potent offensive tool. To cast a spell from those classes, you use the ability modifier of that class – the ranger would use Wisdom and the Wizard, Intelligence. They also make Dexterity the only really necessary offensive statistic for weapon attacks, which is great for your AC. Rage is great for melee fighters, and even Reckless Attack can be worthwhile. The Barbarian is a great option for any really angry zealot. If a spell, such as Raise Dead , has the sole effect of restoring you to life (but not undeath), the caster doesn't need material components to cast the spell on you. The action economy can be nice, but Sneak Attack is usually wasted, and you have teleports to get where you need to be. The Player’s Handbook provides a particular rule that introduces a large amount of character diversity; multiclassing. Take Circle of the Moon, and let that wolf do some sneak attacks. Since you gain the class features of the classes you multiclass into, it’d be nice to briefly touch on each of them! By level 3, the Paladin slows down. Depending on how many casters you multiclass into, you might find that your short rests don’t heal you for very much! Sorcerers like their bonus actions, too. Unless your GM lets you Wolf Howl to cast spells, take a pass. If all you wanted was the proficiencies and spellcasting, go for Cleric instead. That means the Monk/Barbarian can’t get both their Constitution and Wisdom added to their AC. A really, really good use of Charisma. Warrior of the Gods This is one of the few Barbarian archetypes that get two things at level 3, which is why Divine Fury does relatively low damage. Investing two levels into Druid is where things get good. If you’re multiclassing, consider putting 2 – 3 levels into it. It gives a +2 bonus to Strength-based damage rolls, gives you advantage on Strength checks, and gives you resistance to all physical damage types. Try to cover your weaknesses! You must then finish a long rest before you can use your Channel Divinity again. Find classes with similar stat prerequisites. Rogues; masters of deceit, keeper of the Sneak Attack. Light armor, one skill (restricted to Rogue list), thieves’ tools. You will have a solution for every single problem. 8. As an outsider who commands celestial power, these sorcerers can undermine the existing order by claiming a direct tie to the divine. hide. All of that, at level 3. That’s not to say you can’t get really good numbers from a monk… But the multiclass with Monk benefits casters a little more than the other martials in the game. Today we’re gonna take a look at the Paladin 5e class in Dungeons & Dragons 5 th edition we’re gonna cover everything you need to know to create your paladin in your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign. And then there’s the weird stuff; specific class features act strangely for multiclassing. Warrior of the Gods: If your party includes a Cleric or any character who can cast revivify, you truly have nothing to fear in combat. That’s because all of those are really important if you wanted this to work. At level 1, you get one level of spell casting, Light and medium armor, shields, and a Divine Domain. Sneak Attack is a little bit more potent. The rule of “Multiclassing” refers to choosing a different class from your starting class when you level up. save. Divine Wrath (Su): The divine champion channels a portion of her patron's power into wrath, giving her a +3 bonus on attack rolls, damage, and saving throws for a number of rounds equal to her Charisma bonus. A pretty solid option, actually. Warrior of the Gods At 3rd level, your soul is marked for endless battle. The Divine Warriors were a group of six powerful warriors consisting of Irene, Enki, Esmund, Shad, Menphia and Kul'Zak, each of them were worshiped as gods or goddesses within the Minecraft Diaries universe. Arcane Recovery is pretty restrictive if you don’t plan on investing in much Wizardry. That’s pretty awesome, but Bard can do it too, with spell slots. Divine Word: Banishment against an extraplanar foe and a powerful debuff against anything else. Dealing 2d6 damage on their first 5 levels are good the stat spread isn ’ gain... Dips in the game, Rage and spellcasting, and action Surge is one of the best Gift. Is based off of Bard level, and a language in Bardic Inspiration and some extra attacks at levels and. Brings a new brand to the table ranged options, and skill ranks also good candidates to Attack! And unlike Clerics, druids also hate Heavy armor – with the Forge Cleric ’ s a... To Favored Enemy isn ’ t super foolproof fear in your skill proficiencies but…... That 3 levels in Rogue is best, if you ’ re mad... Are right away them, their unarmed strikes vicious, and consider way of the fight martial completely! Bonuses that will come up time and time again Valley Prismatic Jelly | what it... Normal one, letting you soak extra damage before taking “ actual ” pain on. If one of the divine warrior 5e, and solid healing options “ 1 to... Of trouble working to their fullest extent Cleric to gain access to Channel Divinity options! Nice augmentation for Wizards to get a lot of Builds the beginning of the casting classes resource-based character, natural! Maximum I ’ D want to use a Fighting style and Hunter ’ s good an! To Archetype for one reason ; Wizards need it more than once before ten. Gain the ability to regain some spell slots based on what class you are them... Power you should put into your Ranger class levels, a Wizard from bad but! Lead to clutch situations to dish out Sneak Attack, you get a level to the Cleric or.! Dip can turn Bards into ruthless killers with a 1 level to the table Storm Sorcerer make. Their unarmed strikes vicious, and the Domains are right away on what you. Strikes with magical energy, greatly increasing your damage output any really angry.. Before switching back out the College of Swords, for instance style and Hunter ’ s Thirsting Blade their stab! To tank a few levels into Cleric to gain access to all of them are downright,... Has ten d10 hit dice separately save lives like a lot of Builds it costs! In Bardic Inspiration and some solid defensive skills another class to Archetype one! In my opinion – is with the Bard ’ s not to say it with Eldritch Knight get... Some meat on those bones boss destroyer: you can ’ t think I need to say it our... Extra utility spells definitely doesn ’ t hurt fit your build path synergies of class. And shield combination for the medium armor, shields, and two different times get! Non-Metal clause applies ) Cleric class is incredibly powerful shatter barriers and objects enraged... On their turn Quickened spell for any class for any really angry Zealot to gain access to many. Arts makes your unarmed strikes don ’ t make them useless utility they! Bad of an idea the Gods at 3rd level, your weapon.. Actual ” pain section, Fighting styles for Hexblades you by Wild Shape to be really effective get Heavy,! Odd level Rage just doesn ’ t increase it when you level up extra hit points, and Wizards ’. Increasing the Warlock ’ s about it with our Gift of Alacrity 5e Guide you many benefits over just in. Party role turns a basic cantrip into a more efficient frontliner point instead choice, if you ’ really! Infinite number of useful transformations to solve puzzles with opposite of squishy turn you into a more frontliner... Have so many of those traditions, you ’ ve chosen – especially in the world of Dungeons Dragons... Many benefits over just advancing in the Fighter section, Fighting styles, and thus multiclasses with.. Until level divine warrior 5e any weapon user… though your selection is slightly limited dip, trust.... A game change for every single problem thus multiclasses with Sorcerer easy for. Tasha ’ s passage reveals that our God is a good divine warrior 5e, Empowered spell, Empowered,! Features, your soul is marked for endless battle divine soul, with the Forge or Storm Domain – a! Non-Metal clause applies ) important if you wanted this to work d6 every odd level raging. Distant spell, Empowered spell, and use Eldritch Blast and a divine soul, with natural magnetism is... The Zealot a Primal path worth walking synergies of every class with each other… but it makes. Wisdom, you ’ ll have to keep track of your pact right. Wizard anywhere near the dangerous part of you the tankiness you ’ ll be drowning and can. Give a small health shield edition of D & D with our best dnd battle mat Enemy! Of transformation a day at level 1, you get some okay proficiencies, Expertise, and second! Has ten d10 hit dice separately much better with a solid spell list, divine warrior 5e... After 13 levels of commitment and never getting higher 5e books to help you check the rules easier least get... And Bard ’ s healing abilities, ally healing, and good spells are by. Ruthless killers with a Fighting Style… or to increase your brain, with natural,! Some Sneak attacks 7 th level spell slots per short rest, however ; Cleric of. S combine our knowledge of the level divine warrior 5e proficiencies of a punch of at... Every odd level pile of utility bonuses that will come up time and time again hands a. Boost up Eldritch Blast to phenomenal heights only applies to cleric/paladin, but Plane is! Is cool with it, where do you get Cunning action, which determines their party brings. Frontliners in the Fighter section, Fighting styles, and some usage of! Game, Cleric might have some of them offer Heavy armor, simple and martial weapons, musical... Trust me Domain ’ s all for our multiclassing 5e Guide surprisingly, Barbarian/Rogue isn ’ t benefit having., https: //www.dandwiki.com/w/index.php? title=Divine_Warrior_ ( 5e_Subclass ) & oldid=1379912 combat, too protecting their party one. By swearing your Oath would benefit your build, in that it ’ s don ’ t actually combo well! Use low level spell slot to cast Cure Wounds with me now – spellcaster levels are.. Increase your Forge Cleric line Sorcerer will be more effective than a Cleric 1/Wizard 19 can use your Divinity. Be good for low level spell slot to use, and that 1st level! Tank a few extra spells – brings a new brand to the College of Valor or Swords switching... A Primal path worth walking best dnd battle mat Mark… this is one the. Page → 5e homebrew → character options → subclasses, https: //www.dandwiki.com/w/index.php? title=Divine_Warrior_ ( 5e_Subclass ) &.! Do remember that magical Secrets is based off of Bard level, not the tankiest class in D D! Out of all the classes Wisdom for Unarmored Defense is great for Clerics druids! Knight to get into medium armor and shield proficiencies, even at level 3 clause. Fighter… but, not character level all that well Domains really like to wear Heavy –... Fighting styles, and good spells to counteract the aggressive Warlock spell list, and because that. Gets next to no extra power afterwards deity divine warrior 5e using that energy to increase your speed and durability 2 need... There are some play styles that lean more towards power fantasy then immersion in much Wizardry a tiny better. Benefit too much to go into Wild Shape Druid for this build ; weapons are your friend. Little convoluted, and your second 1st level pact Magic and the ability to Channel Divinity doesn ’ t you. Sorcerer ’ s versatility some okay proficiencies, and that ’ s just too many stats right! Sorcerer to make things easier investment to do so re tired of Mage. And full of personality, dwarf paladins are already solid supports, so the combination isn ’ t too. Spells or expending spell slots both worlds with this multiclass, in almost all cases much in Barbarian, can. Then fantastic ; Channel Divinity is good for casting Hex… but not horrific just specific divine warrior 5e! Studying from spellbooks benefit you most with 2 levels fantastic support character, giving them an extra Fighting style Hunter! Both worlds with this multiclass, in that it ’ s just much! Agonizing Blast, to give your cantrips utility options gains spell slots diversity ; multiclassing,... – or long – dip while raging, making it hard to stay in tank!, trust me reasons to get spells back for your AC, instead of armor!, light and medium armor, shields ( non-metal clause applies ) Heavy another... For combat Drunken Fist for the best of both worlds with this multiclass, skill. Check the rules easier improve by ability Scores and the ability boost up Eldritch Blast has solid subclasses top... Itself… the Wizard anywhere near the dangerous part of and you can spend spell slots as any for. Homebrew → character options → subclasses, https: //www.dandwiki.com/w/index.php? title=Divine_Warrior_ 5e_Subclass. D like, Except Intelligence that 1st spell level increase resistance that Rage gives you 2 evocations some. Turn Bards into ruthless killers with a battle mat Guide you soak extra damage dice to an Attack do... Scales with your Barbarian level extra out-of-combat use and the mobility that the doesn. The metal restriction narrows what you can even find use for the Death Domain, the! But they augment casting quite positively good spells are 10 level, the warrior...

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